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The Maps for USAicans Initiative

September 26th, 2008

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Look, I appreciate the many youtube mashups of Palin and Miss Teen SC as much as the next guy, and not just because it allows me to think of Palin and beauty pageants without feeling like a total sexist. I think that Palin and that poor girl aren’t stupid, and I’m sure they can both find the US on a map. I also believe that people they look up to thrust them both into a much bigger spotlight then they imagined and expected them to perform flawlessly. (can’t you picture the screaming stage mothers/campaign workers in the audience with handmade signs?)

I’m not voting for McCain/Palin, but I have complete faith in her abilities to perform half of her constitutional duties (I’m completely sure that she is capable of breaking a tie). And in yet another completely non-sexist thought, might I dust off the old chestnut of “serving at the pleasure of the president?” (it’s much more palatable to imagine her saying that than Gonzalez……::shudder::)

But now for the above video: in my mind this would be way funnier as a mashup because as much as I can imagine Palin calling for more maps in South Africa, or whatever, I cannot picture her laughing at herself like this. (or appearing in a Weezer video) So say what you will, but in the end it’s all fun and games and it really is unfair to compare a teenage beauty queen to our next VP. Because seriously, Biden in a tiara? No thanks.

Oh, and not to be outdone, Biden has made some gaffs too. But because he’s a man (I guess) they’re more apt to give him a little nickname.

p.s. Caitlin attends APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY, which I’ve enjoyed for years. My head just exploded with this unprecedented coincidence.

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  1. Andrew on September 26, 2008 12:40 pm

    I think the point here is that the pageant queen comes off as much more authentic and self-aware than PalinBot 2008. And that when the pageant queen was asked the same question again later, she had a coherent answer ready. In contrast, Palin was answering a question she had ALREADY BEEN ASKED in her interview with Charlie Gibson, and her answer was EVEN LESS COHERENT the second time around, and included no admission of her fundamental ignorance. Does this sound familiar?

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