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What Opera’s Needed Since the End of Castrati

September 24th, 2008

more drag queens.

La Cieca’s blog and podcast (via iTunes)

This is a recent re-discovery: the somewhat trashy opera gossip blog is interesting enough, dosage but the podcast brings free classic (read: not digital) recordings of opera right to iTunes, sickness or your podcast culler of choice. Her commentary between acts is both entertaining and occasionally quite insightful. (she did do the first stream of the Ring: Podderdammerung. Good, right?) The wikipedia page says she’s influential, so it must be true. For me it’s a good excuse to listen to operas and recordings I might not otherwise…

Oh, and it’s pretty gay. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. And keep in mind that’s in the context of OPERA. Since I don’t want/know how to embed anything of La Cieca’s here, I’ll just have to settle for this other gay opera thing: the best example I can think of isn’t on youtube (yet…) but you get the same character, just not singing. Her aria is WAY funnier and is coming soon….I don’t particularly like the guy who sings here.

Lully: PerseƩ

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