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Hold this bitch for full value.

October 16th, 2008

All right, information pills I’ll admit it. I ran out of episodes of tv shows of yesteryear from Netflix so I fired up Waiting for Guffman, approved the old standby. (it has been for the past 7 years or so: before that it was Blazing Saddles, one of three dvds I owned in high school) It was only on this, maybe my 39th viewing of the film, that I noticed the shirt Corky wears at the audition:

So who is Judy Tenuta? I sure as hell didn’t know, and I figured it was one of those jokes that only my mother would catch as it scrolled by and laugh for minutes about it. Even though I found this clip, I still don’t completely understand…….except of course Corky would love her. I skip to the joke that made me laugh, although unfortunately by then she had ditched her apparently trademark accordion. (and just when I thought I would never type those two words again…..)

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