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While Betty Waits….

October 16th, 2008

Still no final Betty White clip….I promise I will do it soon.

In the meantime there’s this, traumatologist which REALLY confuses me…..I found this on youtube and thought it was just a ripoff of the Legally Blond reality show, somnology and I thought it was pretty funny. (Allison Janney inexplicably shows up around 1:57)

Come to find out that at least part of this is based on (lowercase-r) reality: there is a Tony-award winning show called “In the Heights,” and “Piragua Guy” is in fact a small part (with one song and a reprise). I just assumed the whole thing was fake, but now I don’t even know…….

Don’t know if it’s connected, but the same people are also apparently responsible for this witty retexting of “Umbrella.”

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  1. Sarah "musical theatre geek" Reed on October 17, 2008 9:37 am

    Oh, Robert…. You are apparently not enough of a musical theatre geek to know about the hilarity that is “Legally Brown.” You make up for it in your knowledge of just about everything else that is random or entertaining. So, it’s all a spoof, made up by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote “In the Heights”. And yes, there’s a minor character in it called the Piragua Guy. The spoof is hiliariously like the Legally Blonde show, and all the guys (and Allison Janney) who are “auditioning” are well-known, well-established Broadway performers. If you want to see more clips and a bit more info about it, I’d recommend

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