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A quick recap, and more fetch

November 25th, 2008

Just for fun I did a youtube search for “fetch” and then “so fetch.” I’m glad to say that this video was only a few clicks away…..

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Again, from HSM 2. It brought into sharp focus the connection that some review made (I thought it was the New Yorker) to the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney “Back-yard Musical” series. (Babes in Arms, Strike up the Band, Babes on Broadway, &c…..never seen ‘em? Try this on for size for dialogue. Or this for music. But try and forget about this.) I mean, the Busby Berkeley-esque synchronized swimming shot from above is pretty specific, but more generally they’re fun romps about young love and that indescribable human need to put on a show. (the practically engrish tagline for Babes in Arms was “The big musical fun show!” If that doesn’t sum up HSM I don’t know what does……)

This song is my favorite from the movie, so I’m glad that youtube thinks it’s fetch too (the first commenter opines that “ashley is sucj a goos actresse”). It’s not quite as good as its counterpart in HSM3 (sadly only available in a pastiche version, but you get the idea….) but it’s unabashedly honest and off-message, which I appreciate in a film otherwise drenched in the old-fashioned feel-good-ery that made their forebears so charming, but ultimately feeling horribly dated.

You know what’ll never get old, though? This other kind of fetch:

I love how for a while it’s someone practicing in the other room, and then it switches to clearly a recording of better quality and with an appreciable reverb.

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