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Did I mention don’t pay him any attention? Ah yes, I did.

November 21st, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing my duty here. I mean, abortion after those first few posts about opera I’ve managed to suppress most my classical-music-nerdiness for the sake of broader appeal, erectile but now maybe I’ve dug myself a new hole with all this talk about Murder, She Wrote, The Golden Girls, and Betty White. I mean, if that’s not narrow appeal, I don’t know what is. So I’ve been trying to think of something a little more “now” that could bring fetch to the masses, or at least bring the masses to fetch. Maybe this’ll even bring the Germans back.

It was while pondering this that I realized that the last thing I am is “now.” My last non-classical iTunes album purchases were Shanghai (Twelve Girls Band) and You’ve Stolen My Heart (Kronos Quartet and Asha Bosle, so it only half counts). Of the top 10 tracks on iTunes I have heard of three of the artists (Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Britney Spears) and I have heard only one of the songs.

Luckily, this song is #1 at the moment – Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (I’m glad that the convention of enclosing the song’s hook in parentheses after the actual title to make it more recognizable is still used) and not only had I heard it, but I am dimly aware of the youtube phenomenon that has sprung up around the video; it’s no Soulja Boy, but still…..

There is of course the original and the SNL sketch featuring Justin Timberlake. (watch that one before it goes down) Then there are the hundreds of people on Youtube who have taken it upon themselves to do homáge to the rather catchy choreography, and of these this one is undoubtedly the best. (if you have to verify your age don’t worry: his outfit’s just a little skimpy. here’s a mashup with the original video and without the age restriction, but with some annoying annotations) If you can’t get enough of this guy, there’s the local CW news team’s story about him, as well as his appearance on the Bonnie Hunt show. (wait, really? she has another ill-hated TV venture? I could do a whole MSW/Betty White-style post about her….no! must….be………..mainstream……..ackkkkk)

Besides the good Mr. Mercado’s famous rendition, here are my other personal picks:
- alone in the snow of Alaska. Finally, a mention of Alaska without Palin!
- a pretty talented ensemble….much more together than the corps of some ballets I’ve seen (no! must be mainstream!)
- this rather confusing video which took this and made it into this. Apparently this is not the first song to receive such treatment. NEWSFLASH: This meme might have actually BEEN THE INSPIRATION FOR THE VIDEO. What?????

OK, I have to stop now. That discovery made the meta-ness of this whole experience way too creepy. But before I go, might I suggest the following for protracting Youtube’s obsession with this song:

- a video with the song overlaid on clips from LOTR. Also acceptable: new lyrics to the song which describe Frodo’s journey.
- perhaps a video featuring other things on which one can put a ring, capitalizing on that pun
- to return to the underlying meme, videos of Beyoncé’s choreography with different music. Might I suggest this, which is of poor quality but is in fact of my own creation? (spoiler – it’s not me dancing…)

(It breaks down a bit in the middle, but don’t leave without seeing 1:14 to the end: I worked hard on that final cadence. HARD.)

I’ll admit, at the end of this little experiment I’m right back where I started: with the lame classical music jokes. Oh well….I should probably just stick with what I know……….

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