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This is like Julia Child giving cooking lessons to the Swedish Chef

November 25th, 2008

Even that Star Wars reference won’t make this any less gay:

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I was incredulous when I looked across the room and saw this on the enabler’s computer. (that sounds like a good nickname for him here, especially because he’s always enabling fetch in one way or another) Did this really happen? I had the same expression when I saw Debbie Reynolds on Will and Grace, or Betty White on Ellen as a catburglar (sadly, footage not found), or even Gladys Night’s brief appearance on 30 Rock.

But things like this do happen. Al Gore (again on 30 Rock) utters the line “Quiet! A whale’s in trouble…I have to go.” James Lipton and Liza Minelli on Arrested Development do a brilliant job of playing themselves and their characters. There’s that whole arm of the Geico ad campaign with the celebrities, (Charro? Really?) and people are constantly appearing on The Simpsons and saying things you thought you only dreamed they would say (Joe Mantagna as Fat Tony badmouthing Godfather III, Lucy Lawless showing her true powers, Wolfgang Puck jumping into the Puckmobile, Dolly Parton using her makeup remover to corrode the bars of a holding cell, and the list goes on….). And don’t get me started on that whole Bea Arthur thing again…..

Although it can be overdone, this kind of meta/in-on-the-joke thing gets me every time. But things like this clip – and in its own way, High School Musical – confuse me because it seems too improbable to be unintentional (Efron MUST know how silly he looks when attempting to appear angry), but maybe it’s actually being presented with a certain kind of seriousness that I am too jaded to enjoy at face value. Maybe Ru and Diana were introduced at an event most fabulous, got to talking and thought this would be a really cool joint venture (they’re both musicians, after all, and both have, as Linda Granger would say, a solid homosexual fan base….). And so in the spirit of sisters helping sisters they organized a parade in WeHo and procured the requisite number of costumes (the phrase “how many tea services can you do?” springs to mind….) and just put on a show. (Oh, and are they both lipsynching? Yes, yes they are.)

I hope I never take myself seriously enough to stop appreciating humor like this, or to stop seeing it in the things that I do. I mean, what do I do for a living? Wave my arms around and make people feel good about themselves. And then I come home and see RuPaul and Diana Ross on my boyfriend’s computer and my first thought is: “how FETCH!!!” If that isn’t ripe for parody………..

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  1. the enabler on November 25, 2008 7:47 am

    BTW that video was found totally innocently, in a slow downward spiral from this classical music clip:

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