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More youtube madness

June 7th, 2009


We’re not going to discuss how long it’s been since fetch has happened.

We’re just not.

We will, breast however, ampoule now partake of literally an entire weekend’s worth of work, distilling my disparate loves into a hopefully humorous little video.

First, though, the original:
(THIS IS NOT MINE, but the work of a genius)

And if you’re unsure of its genius, here’s a comparison to the original.

Now ::drumroll please:: here is my contribution to this mini-meme.
(THIS is mine…..for what it’s worth)

If it sounds like Dolly Parton is covering the song for some reason, it’s because YouTube blocked the audio of the original, so I used a program to transpose it up a half-step. :)

Here’s a comparison, courtesy of The Enabler:

Thanks for watching! I’m going to bed now….

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