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A Truly Golden Moment

October 9th, 2008

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(In case you’re bored by dialogue, skip to 0:45 for the real meat of the clip.)

OK, look. I was researching Betty White for my next post (don’t laugh, you’ll see why) when I notice that she won an emmy for her appearance as herself on The John Larroquette Show (which I don’t remember either). My interest picqued, I thought I should Netflix the DVD so I could watch the episode in question (not an unprecedented move, as you’ll see), only to find that the show didn’t make it to the home video market. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but there you go. I mean, in a world where even Designing Women only gets a lousy single “best-of” DVD, and we’re supposed to be satisfied with two such discs of Cybill, I shoudn’t expect much. So after some digging on the YouTube I found what’s probably the highlight of the episode. The only backstory one might need know is that the episode is a spoof of Sunset Boulevard: John is writing Betty’s memoirs, and they’re staging this musical and recasting her character as central. It’s still pretty bad, but I’m glad that someone else had the idea for a musical and actually went through with it…….

Now I just need to find some clips of her hosting the game show that won her a Daytime Emmy: “Just Men!”

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