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I Love Pants Roles, but This?

October 6th, 2008

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OK, so here’s the guy I briefly mentioned earlier. It’s sad, really, because even hand-picking this little gem and writing this post while it’s encoding and uploading will still not produce anything as funny as this blog’s first post, and I’m beginning to suspect that nothing will be.

I will say that watching this in class was completely priceless. I should say that this particular class was a great class overall, one of my favorites, and that we watched this on a day when a bunch of people were going to be absent and so we couldn’t do our normal thing and it ended up being fabulous. I learned a lot about French Baroque opera, but also I learned how to suppress abject laughter at something which was supposed to be teaching me something.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, skip to some part in the middle and just bask in the trashy dragness. (I know trashy, honey: the one time I did drag I was instructed to pull my leg hair through the fishnets) I’ll highlight some salient points:

0:20 – Lights come up and singing starts. I really love his voice
1:17 – tongue flickering? prancing? gotta do something during those dance breaks
2:10 – hissing, followed by the best laugh EVER. Unbelievable. It’s also at this point that the choreographer clearly ran out of baroque gestures.
3:10 – after an ECU (why I sometimes hate watching opera on DVD) his two boy-toys come and stage to dance and pose with him. It’s at this point that I would break all semblance of period and just have them do a can-can or something rather than pretending. The singing is OK here, but the choreography is pretty blah. Maybe it’s because the camera is tracking them so closely, but it seems really futile to make all these little circles on stage…
5:23 – I can’t watch this moment enough. I can’t help but think of when I was in a production of Hansel and Gretel and right in the middle of the dress rehearsal one of the violists had a panic attack, ran up to the stage through the wings the stage, and for a good minute the show desperately tried to go on around her before she tried to jump back into the pit….it was sad, but priceless.

Now I think this is a fabulous production, and a really worthwhile DVD to rent if you like French Baroque opera. And really, this wouldn’t be as funny as it is if the entire production wasn’t so stellar (and he really is good at what he does) but godDAMNit I just love it.

p.s. the link below the video is for facebook, since it can’t embed the videos. blech.

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